Brewing for the power of good….

Beer: often considered a beverage of derelicts, to be imbibed in large quantities for the sole purpose of intoxication.  Compare this to wine….the beverage of sophistication, of variety, of food-pairing, of history.

In truth, beer is not so different from wine.  They share history, variety and even food-pairing.  Some may argue that the history and variety of beer run far deeper than that of wine.  Of course, this notion is somewhat dampened by the predominant beer culture in the United States.  Beer commercials are dominated by attractive women, color-changing cans, faster-pouring cans etc.  Interesting how the larger corporate breweries focus on how easily or how fast you can drink their beer and not necessarily on how their beer tastes.

If approached with the proper mindset, beer is the perfect blend of science and art.  Not merely a vehicle for intoxication, but an experiment in microbiology, sociology, and history.

On October 5th, 2013, several homebrewers in the Fairmont and Morgantown areas of WV are donating their time and efforts to not only educate people about the variety and history of different beer styles, but also to translate their efforts into a charitable contribution to local food kitchens. Chestnut Brew Works is proud and happy to be part of these efforts.

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