We’re Still Here…

Howdy y’all,

We’re still here, we promise!  Whenever Bill thinks of a new blog topic, 50 other brewing tasks also come to mind.  Then he thinks, “Would people rather MORE BEER, or MORE BLOGS?”  Beer wins every time.

A couple of updates…..we’re EXPANDING and MOVING!!  The building is in the South Park area of Morgantown, formerly Rexroad Heating and Cooling on 444 Brockway Ave.  The space is mostly shop/industrial-like, but we do plan on adding on a small taproom where customers can buy beer by the pint and get growlers filled.  There will also be limited fare for snackage, and of course, TOURS!  We’ll keep this blog posted with major updates as they occur, but we hope for the brewery to be operational by December of 2014.

To celebrate this move, we brewed South Park Porter, a robust porter style boasting roasty, chocolate, and piney flavors.  It is currently replacing Nate’s Nut Brown, but shares many similar characteristics. So all you NNB fans should give it a whirl!

We’ve been serving cask-conditioned (and cask-hopped) Halleck pale around town the past couple of weeks, and the response has been overwhelming! Bill wasn’t really sure how the Morgantownians would respond to cask beers, since they’re a little warmer (~55 degrees F) and less carbonated than typical beer (“Warm and flat is where it’s at!”).  However, people seemed to realize that many flavors ‘pop’ when a beer is consumed in this form, and at both events, the 5 gallon casks were gone in less than an hour (there’s about 40 pints per cask).  So we ordered more casks and will hold more events in the near future!

We’ll be in touch!



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