Halleck Pale Ale: A delectably hoppy beer without the harsh bitterness. Brewed with English floor-malted barley and ‘citrusy’ American hops. 6.0% ABV

Class II Wheatwater: A light-colored and refreshing wheat beer brewed with coriander and orange peel. An exciting alternative to mass-produced light lagers. 5.1% ABV

Nates Nut Brown Ale: An English-style brown ale brewed with specialty and dark-roasted malted barley, which provide hints of chocolate and nuts. 5.3% ABV

South Park Porter: A black colored robust porter boasting nutty and malty flavors/aromas, and finishing with a slightly sweet, slightly piney character from late addition Chinook hops  5.8% ABV

Your Best Hoption: . This Imperial India Pale Ale is all about the Hops! Hops in the mash, hops in the boil, hops in the fermenter!! The hop varieties used in this brew are carefully selected to accentuate the citrus, piney, and fruity characteristics that hops offer. 8.2% ABV

7 thoughts on “Brews

    • Abigail Pale Ale has morphed into the Halleck Pale Ale option…so it is here in spirit.

      You’ll just have to plan a visit out here is all Elissa!

  1. Had a Halleck at Black Bear a couple weeks ago; it was easily the best local brew I’ve had in Morgantown. Keep up the outstanding work!

  2. Tasted my first Halleck Pale Ale at Black Bear last week. OMG, where have you been hiding? Best of class in this area, and Black Bear takes care of their draft beers; best in town, bar none.

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