Where’s the beer?

Check below for locations serving our beers on tap!

Updated, 1-14-16

Apothecary Ale House & Cafe

Black Bear Evansdale

Black Bear Downtown

Boston Beanery (Downtown Morgantown)

Pies and Pints (Morgantown)

Gibbie’s Pub and Eatery

Table 9

Iron Horse Tavern

Atomic Grill

Atria’s (Holdiay Inn Morgantown)

Barside Grill

JW Thirsty’s

Gene’s Place


Octane Coffe Bistro (Evansdale Crossing)

Varsity Club

Mario’s Fishbowl (Richwood Ave location)

Mario’s Fishbowl (Suncrest Location)

Martin’s BBQ

Wit’s End (@ Morgantown Ramada)

123 Pleasant St

McClafferty’s Irish Pub

Mountain State Brewing Company (Morgantown Location)


Garfield’s Pub (Morgantown Mall)

Terra Cafe

Tin 202

Coach’s Crab Shack (at Cheat Lake)

Whippoorwill (at Edgewater Marina – Cheat Lake)

Whitetail Crossing


Crockett’s Lodge

4th and Goal

Hellbender Burritos (Davis, WV)

Summit Beer Station (Huntington, WV)

Kelly’s Pub (Clarksburg, WV)

The Brewstel (Elkins, WV)

Lynn’s Self Serve (Growler Fills Only, Elkins, WV)

Joe N’ Throw (Fairmont, WV)





16 thoughts on “Where’s the beer?

  1. Looking forward to production of a local brew! I’ve heard good things so I’m eager to get some of my own. I’m in upstate NY, but perhaps I can arrange a courier. Best of luck!
    -From a friend of friends.

    • Thanks Anne! I see that your email address is “outdoorsplease”. There is a lot of outdoor stuff to see and do in WV, so drive on down, stop in Morgantown on the way, and get some samples!!


  2. Eager to try some brew from right down the road……..I live off of Goshen Rd. and was wondering if you’ll have samples there at the brewery? Also, will you be able to sell any bottled beer there to the public?

    • Hi Scott,

      I will offer tours and some samples at the brewery on a limited basis. If you’re interested, just email me at bill@chestnutbrewworks.com and we can set up a date/time. Unfortunately, WV state law does not allow me to sell beer at the brewery in quantities less than a 1/6 barrel keg (~5 gallons), so I won’t be able to sell bottles. That may change in the future if the brewers of WV can get some legislative change.

      We’re still waiting on our state license to go through, but expect our beer in bars/restaurants in the next couple months (fingers crossed!)

      Thanks for your interest!


  3. Nice to meet you both at Black Bear….I am ready for a 1/6 barrel of best Hoption….. I passe your info on to Stepping Stones they will contact you…. Thanks!

    • Thanks Nate! Just brewed the next Steinhoist beer. It’s called ‘The Mo-Bel Prize’ It’s a ‘Morgantown Belgian’ style dark ale with hints of stone fruit and spicy Belgian flavors. Should hit the scene in late May or so.


  4. can’t wait to get down there and see you guy’s and taste the beers you have online! i’ve heard all good things about your beer. will see you soon. love dad

  5. Just came across you guys via Pubquest.com. Drive past you on the way to work and back every day and never knew it. Very much look forward to trying your brews.

  6. Awesome class II wheat water!! Just left pies and pints and had to find out where else it is sold!! Glad it is on tap!! Thanks for sharing your brew!!

  7. Bill,

    Just wanted to say congrats on an amazing product! We met at the Star City brewfest, and I was disappointed to see you were already out of your brew.s Since then I have tried them all through Pies and Pints and Black Bear, and I have to say I am obsessed with your Pale Ale and IPA, and my wife is in love with your Wheatwater. As a matter of fact, we are boycotting Pies and Pints tonight (to go to Black Bear) solely because they are out of your Pale Ale. Anyway I look forward to seeing what else you come out with, and I would love to purchase some of your amazing brew next time I have an excuse to throw a party!


    Jesse (and Carley) Lewis

    • Hi Jesse!

      Glad you and Carley are enjoying the brews!! Your Best Hoption will be taking little hiatus so that I can try out some different (but delicious!) recipes. Keep an eye out for ‘Give Me Liberty’, a German-style Pils brewed with a generous amount of Liberty hops. It’s hoppy, but in a different kind of way.

      I’d be happy to supply you with some beer for your next party! Let me know!


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